Suzhou Technician Institute of Electronic and Information is in the ancient town of Suzhou, close to the national 5A-level tourist attractions Lingering Garden and Tiger Hill and other global cultural tourist attractions. It is a demonstration institute of technician education reform and development in Jiangsu Province, a Chinese training base of World Skills Competition (for hotel reception program), and demonstration base of high-skilled talent cultivation in Jiangsu Province; as well as a full-time public technician institute to cultivate skilled talents for advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry, and integrate schooling education, professional training and social service; and the largest technician institute in the ancient town of Suzhou.

Established in 1981, now there are over 6000 full-time students at Suzhou Technician Institute of Electronic and Information, which focuses on the cultivation of senior skilled talents including 5-year senior workers and 7-year technicians. Now the institute has a major campus, 3 secondary colleges, 1 institute, and several task teaching stations in enterprises, which constitute the new layout of combining industry and teaching which is called “1 campus, 4 areas and several points”. The institute has successively won honors and titles such as “Advanced Unit of Vocational Education in Jiangsu Province”, “Safe Campus in Jiangsu Province”, “Advanced Institute for Economic Transformation and Upgrading of Suzhou Vocational Education Service”, “Designed Training and Output Base Skilled Talents in Suzhou Industrial Park”, “Advanced Unit for Training and Introducing High-skilled Talents in Suzhou High-tech Zone”, and etc.

In recent years, guided by Xi Jinping’s Thoughts on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, Suzhou Technician Institute of Electronic and Information has insisted on the teaching thought of “being led by the high-end, teaching in diverse ways, highlighting characteristics, and developing the connotation”, established the teaching philosophy of “market-oriented,, management-based, skill-based and employment-based”, implemented the three-axis teaching mode of “vocational education, technician training and social training”, grasped the demand of market, and established 21 majors in 4 departments of electronic information, business services, transportation and energy, and traditional crafts that basically meet the needs of Suzhou’s economic and social development and industrial transmission and upgrading. Each department or faculty of this institute strictly centers on the core majors to create their own characteristic major group, and guided by the idea of “dual systems of institute and enterprise, integration of industry and learning”, with the promotion of “new apprenticeship” as major means, it enhances the in-depth integration of institute and enterprise, and improves the core competitiveness of major construction.

In the new era, Suzhou Technician Institute of Electronic and Information will actively respond to General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important reply of “energetically developing technician education” and Prime Minister Li Keqiang’s reply of “successfully operating technician institutes”, and always take them as the direction of its development in the national educational reform process; with the new thinking way of reform, it will successfully operate occupational education, improve talent quality with innovative measures, and act in a high quality way with the thinking way of the new normal. It insists on cultivating people by fostering morality, continues focusing on the characteristic of combining industry and teaching, accomplishes all tasks with high standard and high quality, and endeavors to establish a double first-class technician institute.

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